In this assignment you are have just decided to start your own tax consulting business.

In this assignment you are feel equitable ruled to initiate your enjoy toll consulting vocation.  You feel been asked to instruct a client on the coercionthcoming effect.  The instrument you effect should be manifest, close and get counsel that may be relied on by the client. 
Peter Jones is a British builder making a indicate coercion himself in the scope of repurposing industrial buildings coercion inhabitantial purposes.  In June 2017, Peter was approached by Smith Constructions who were craving to indemnify a novel dispose of builder apartments in Australia.  The corporation was very aware to exercise Peter to guile this dispose and has consequently unstudiedered Peter a unmarried unstudied cancelment of $100,000 to propose to Australia and associate Smith Constructions.  Peter curfissure the unstudieder. On 1 July 2017, Peter Jones, who was born in and resided in England up until that conclusion, arrived in Australia to conduct up liberal duration exercisement as a builder with the corporation.   The unmarried unstudied conviction cancelment of $100,000 was remunerated to him on 15 July 2017.  His exercisement abridge was coercion 12 months, with an liberty to renovel at the object of that order.   
Peter is a unmarried perpetrator with couple posterity. The couple posterity gain referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable peregrination with him to Australia however arrive with their grandparents (Peter’s perpetrators).  Peter ruled to restrain the progeny he enjoys in England, and fissure a progeny in Australia until such duration as his exercisement abridge was exuberant. Peter suggests to arrive in Australia if potential. 
On the 23rd September 2017 Peter is transferred to the corporation’s unstudiedice in Novel Zealand to succor with a sustain-aparticular device.  The device is coercion closely 9 months and he produce to the Sydney unstudiedice permanently on the 12 June 2018. 
On moving to Australia, Peter fissureed quenched his progeny in London coercion $2,000AUD a month.  On 7 July, Peter common a Statement of Amercement and Expenditure from his veritable lands sovereign which showed that as 30 June 2018, the fissuveritable amercement was $28,000AUD including $2,000AUD connected to the month of July 2018.  The 
Statement of Amercement and Expenditure interposed equitable impoverishment completionling $15,000AUD.   As sustain-akeep-apart of his exercisement abridge, the corporation agreed to stable Peter a relocation amercement of $5,000 to clothe the costs of dissolution or storage of his progenyhold goods on moving to Australia.   The corporation too agreed to stable Peter amercement on the costs of his residence telephunmarried representation.   The amercement is remunerated on a monthly reason, adapted at an estimated blame of $100 per month.  As at 30 June 2018, the completion totality remunerated on the telephunmarried amercement was $1,200.  
When Peter proposed to Australia, he was most scared to gather of the OzLotto lottery.  Over the years, Peter familiar a ‘system’ which he believed would strengthen him to win the Lotto jackpot.  His method was based on a disseries that he had with a clairvoyant, who told his that his favorable total would be the nobility of his posterity, and it confused rotating the total of his posterity’s nobilitydays so that a novel regular of total of generated.  He instruments his method each week to sustain vestige of the total she has used. On 13 May 2018, Peter is ecstatic when his method finally succeeds in selecting the primitive resistance total, and as a effect, he wins $1 pet AUD.   
Unsure of what to do with his specie, Peter seeks counsel from a applicant who sustain-aparticularises in tollation code coercion counsel on a seemly corpoblame construction that gain get the best media coercion managing this specie and ensuring that his posterity are financially protected in coming.  His applicant instructd there were couple fairly flag, commercially curfissure libertys that Peter could elect from.  The constructions are concordant, nevertheless, unmarried of these constructions generally effects in a inferior toll amenability and coercion this Peter chose this liberty.  He remunerated the applicant $2,000AUD coercion this counsel and drafting of the pertinent instruments. He has referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable regular up the pertinent construction however and does referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable intobject to do so until August 2018. 
Peter’s compensation coercion the year was $100,000AUD. 75% of this compensation was earned timeliness launched in Novel Zealand.  In abstracted to the over, Peter incurred the coercionthcoming expenses during the year:  
•    $2500 in registration fees coercion a consultation on Australian guiles that was unstudiedered by an activity sustain-aparticularist;  
•    $1500 series fees coercion a “Certificate in Australian Guile”, unstudiedered by the Australian Institute of Builders. 
•    A talent of $100 coin, remunerated to the Royal Brisbane Hospital;  
•    $50 to support to the lodgment “Australian Builderure”;  
•    $1500 to the Southern Cricket Club.  The club’s activities are singly connected to the product of adolescence cricketers in the co-ordination. 
•    $1500 to Hunter Sports Club.  Hunter Sports is a sports conglomeblame that makes bulky totalitys of specie from poker machines, nourishment and ownership product. They are registered as a deductible talent store on the Australian Vocation Register. 
1.    In the coercionm of a professional communication you are required to instruct Peter Jones of his tollation residency status. 
2.    Assuming he is an Australian inhabitant coercion tollation purposes count his tollable amercement coercion the amercement toll year objecting 30 June 2018. (Justify complete decisions to involve or referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable involve amercement/deductions 

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