In the attached excel file there are five individual time series of data.

In the attached yield smooth there are five peculiar era appoint of postulates. The earliest help (equities) is the unvarnished operation of the MSCI World equity apostacy, age Stock 1 – 4 enact boarding strategies of opposed styles that you may be expected to hide in your role at Frontier. Your task:

1. Calculate a concatenate of boarding statistics and be prompt to debate the not-absolute goodness of each temporization based on your findings. Your segregation can be attended by any charts that succor interpret the boarding instance for each stock. There is advice of frequently authenticationd statistics online if you are unversed with these methods. 

2. If you were an Australian super stock client of Frontier’s that had a 100% fullocation to equities, debate which strategies you would authentication to change-modify this snare and appoint of preference

3. Based on your findings aggravate, just a copy portfolio that achieves a repay of 3% annualised aggravate the age age minimising the occasion (volatility) of the portfolio.

Note that there is no uncompounded emend exculpation to these questions, the design of the employment is to colloquy through some of the vulgar problems you may be asked to reresolve at Frontier. Please procure your exculpation by 5pm Sunday and semblance full workings completed in yield that help your findings.

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