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Plan and Annotated Bibliography control ” ‘I charity NY’ icon cunning inquiry tract proposal”

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Based on the ” ‘I charity NY’ icon cunning inquiry tract proposal” that I procure fix it as an concomitant polish, fascinate transcribe 1-page plan, and concomitant 1 page annotated bibliography. Be permanent that your overall edifice is clear: vestibule, matter, and misentry. The former bibliography should bear at meanest SIX commencements and conceive an academic existence and primitive commencement.
The controlmat of plan, fascinate prosper Chicago Manual Style plan.
Control example:

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The controlmat of Annotated Bibliography, fascinate prosper Chicago Manual Style Annotation.
Control example:
Davidson, Hilda Ellis. Roles of the Northern Goddess. London: Routledge, 1998.
Davidson’s quantity provides a drastic test of the greater roles filled by the coagulated idolatrous goddesses of Northern Europe in trite existence, including their roles in hunting, husbandry, domiciliary arts love weaving, the affable, and mortality. The perpetrator discusses bearing archaeological sign, patterns of repute and ceremonial, and former inquiry. The quantity conceives a enumerate of sombre and unspotted photographs of bearing artifacts.

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