(I I) Italics Frist page NAme Student ID Task 3

(I I) Italics Frist page NAme Student ID Task 3 Control Format 2nd page Memorandum of counsel memo to : Samntha memo from: Manik Chawla DAte you perfect it subject: Is there a compress betwixt AML and RCFP( bountiful union spectry) 30 control restating the interrogation Headings I. background-100 control II. analysis-1000 control A. Contactual elements B. Issues C. Rule or Law 400-500 control D. Application Conclusion- 100 control Bibliography - ultimate page severed A.I Articles/Books/Reports I Centred B. I Cases I C. I Congress I 4-5 lines per portion only spacing and envelop in betwixt portions Footnotes -if you enthralled a trodden adduce from a occurrence or congress ' no compress await ' 1. I MAster v Cameron I (1954) 91 CLR 446. footnote at the groundwork of the page after a while number Font arial close 12-body footnotes-8,9 adaptation congress I The constitutional aid act I (Vic) s 20. for books David parker and gerald box, I Occupation law for occupation students I (Thompson rowtess) NWS, 3rd ed,2013 65.

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