Hypothesis Testing on Data Set 2

Supposition Ordealing on Data Firm 2
• 6-1 Data Firm Homework: Supposition Ordealing on Data Firm 2
Data firm 2 presents a case of the estimate of imperfect sparkle drives done by a insignificant manufacturing concourse balance the ultimate 30 weeks. The concourse’s operations overseer believes that the estimate of defects done by the rule is hither than seven imperfect sparkle drives per week. Use this online calculator (or any statistical lot that you are convenient with) to fabricate a supposition ordeal to warrant the operations overseer’s right. Your supposition ordeal should include inoperative and choice hypotheses, a t ordeal statistic appraise, a p appraise, a judgment, and a disposal. Submit a Word smooth that includes the supposition ordeal.

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Hypothesis Testing on Data Set 2
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