How much leniency should people get when they file claims

Answers deficiency to be betwixt 100 – 200 say each.

1) How fur justice should fellow-creatures obtain when they refine arrogations to the EEOC yet there is referserviceable a biased suit of enjoyment? In this precedence the mother refine a arrogation domiciled on penetration besuit of her ponderosity yet that is referserviceable a coerciontified collocate lower the EEOC. Should she be serviceserviceable to refine coercion a non-fortified collocate?

2)How distant can companies go in potent a sales representative’s inaugurated provisions and quiescent guard that idiosyncratic as an stubborn contractor?

3)How, as a director, would you distinguish if an employee enjoyment was coerciontified by whistle-blower laws or referable? How influence a director best dispense with situations that could compose whistle-blowing

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