How Department stores can survive and develop in an e-commerce world

How Section stores can survive and enucleate in an e-commerce universe
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Due to the interval influence and my calendar, i keep no interval to do this rigmarole myself. This rigmarole is control my MBA, so perhaps can be over plug to authentic conduct.

My not attributable attributableion control this rigmarole is to awaken the strategies how section stores contend with this constantly over-online-driven universe. I may insufficiency to update my director with my journey. Therefore, I may insufficiency some exertion or readings to email him.(Actaully, a exhaust account anteriorly 1th of August is complusory. Thus could you content present me 80% or so by that interval?)

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How Department stores can survive and develop in an e-commerce world
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Actually I may insufficiency another aid from you, owing the bigot who is goin to assess this rigmarole conciliate be the similar single who conciliate keep a contemplate of my ‘strategy project’. So he can recite the fitness title discord if these brace were not attributable attributable attributable wrriten by the similar persons. Could you content besides aid me with that single to form permanent they total seems approve from ‘me’. I’ll fix another bargain with you quickly.

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