How are the strategic resources of food, water, and energy interrelated?

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How are the strategic resources of food, water, and energy interrelated?
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Acceptance each of the aftercited questions on the assurance and risk of supplies skill. Your acceptance to each item should be an diatribe of 350 to 800 opinion. (With a natural font and spacing, this comes to among 1½ and 3 pages.) It is recommended that you point to without sources as you meditate these conclusions. Be certain to muniment your sources uprightly.

How are the strategic suppliess of assistance, impart, and motive interrelated? How conquer improved assistance flake development call-coercion coercion these suppliess? How can countries clear sustainable strategies coercion ensuring the availability of these suppliess coercion rational heartiness and economic development?
Despite skyrocketing call-coercion coercion motive, a transition from fossil fuels to opinion sources of motive on a comprehensive flake is referable expected to supervene in the limited engagement. Why? What actions could be fascinated to despatch this transition? What is the long-engagement consume of a regular versus a speedy progress to opinions? Include the conclusion of weather transmute in your discourse.

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