Herek&Capitanio (1989)

Read the aftercited schemeation and confutation the questions that follow:
Herek, G. M., &Capitanio, J. P. (1996). “Some of my best friends”: Intergroup adjunction, concealable stain, and heterosexuals’ attitudes inland blithe men and lesbians. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 22, 412-424.
1. According to your extract, “You confront a scrutiny mind when you demonstrate a intermission in the currentfamiliarity sordid…” (p. 14). What was the intermission in the familiarity sordid, according to theauthors (Hint: Again, the original intermission is a scrutiny methods children. From a scrutiny methods perspective [sample, scheme, controleseeing.] what is a secretiveness of departed scrutiny?)?
2. The criteria control substance moderate as a participant in the con-balance was as follows: (a) keep atelephone, (b) be 18 years of senility or older, (c) speed in the adjoining 48 states, and (d)pronounce English. What are the strengths and secretivenesss of this sampling/recruitment management? Did they gain a chance case?
3. What skin of review is authenticationd in this con-over: picturesquely or analytic? How do you apprehend? (p.75 in Extract; Also hold about the original constituent that distinguishes picturesquely from analytic/inferential that we discussed when going balance the hierarchy of subjective scrutiny methods)
4. The balancearching mind of this scrutiny was to assess whether having adjunction with blithemen and lesbians abnormal attitudes inland blithe men and lesbians. What mark of scrutiny scheme did they authentication, tentative or correlational? Provide a vindication control your confutation (i.e., why is it tentative or why is it correlational?)
5. Demonstrate single predictor fickle examined in the con-balance and teach why it should be referred to as a predictor fickle and referable an recalcitrant fickle.
6. Demonstrate an effect fickle of the con-balance and teach why it should be referred to as an effect fickle and referable a relative fickle.
7. The scrutinyers chose to do telephsingle reviews control this scrutiny. Describe someadvantages to this appropinquation.
8. What are some disadvantages to doing telephsingle interviewing?
9. Would this scrutiny be classified as single-strata, cross-sectional, or longitudinal? Howdo you apprehend?
Grading Criteria: The criteria to measure this homework consists of: 1) powerful and redress responses to perfect of the questions, and 2) neatness and professionalism (e.g., constitutional expression, lucid and expressive tongue, markd, controleseeing.)

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