Go on-line to http://www.reuters.com/finance/stocks/

Go on-line to http://www.reuters.com/finance/stocks/ and expression in the code for your crew into the Search Stocks room and click on the magnifying glass button.  

i)    What is their fitted beta for your crew?          
3 marks
ii)    If the abandon loose admonish is 4% and the trade Abandon Premium is 6%, use the Cardinal Asset Pricing Model to estimate the required admonish of recompense for the companies’ shares.                                                            
5 marks
Is the crew you and your sharer keep clarified a “conservative” investment?  Explain your apology.

2.     Consider the gearing relevancys for your crew aggravate the late two years: 

i)    Does it show to be agoing towards the subsistence of a preferred optimal cardinal organization?  (i.e., does it show to be “stable”?)     Explain your apology.

3.     Based on your dissection aloft, transcribe a note of admonition to your client, providing an explication as why you would affect to embody this crew in their investment portfolio. Please attribute to the relevancy results fitted precedent and any other trends or factors that you admire to be material.

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