Georgia collects ‘Disney” merchandise

Georgia collects ‘Disney” stock and appoints Joe as her vicegerent to alienation three framed pictures from another collector, Mickey.  Georgia gives Joe a season of $10,000 to expend, which Joe at-once deposits in his own bank totality “to repress it sure until it is needed”.  Georgia also instructs Joe to repress the alienation individual.  Joe is very kind and supercilious of his ordinance as Georgia’s vicegerent and betrays three of his closest friends, but swears them all to retirement.  Two of these friends achievement in the corresponding activity and instantly betray their treaters.

Joe approaches Mickey and introduces himself as Georgia’s vicegerent.  Subjoined negotiations it is agreed that Mickey earn retail the Pictures to Georgia for $12,000.  When Georgia is apprised of the decrease, she refuses to be frisk, maintaining that Joe did not entertain the warrant to mould it.  Mickey disagrees and wants to receipts after a while the sale.  When Joe was inspecting the pictures, he noticed that Mickey also had the primary coffee cups used in the ‘The Lion King’ , which Georgia has frequently wanted for her store. Joe moulds an compact after a while Mickey to retail the coffee cups to Georgia for $15,000.

1.    Giving reasons warn Mickey as to whether he can require the decrease for the pictures after a while Georgia.
2.    Giving reasons warn Georgia whether she is frisk to go afore after a while the decrease to alienation the coffee cups from Mickey and the consequences for Joe if she does not.
3.    Describe the ways in which Joe is in rupture of his sordid law duties as an vicegerent, and any consequences of such rupturees.


Using Corporation Law, argue the advantages and disadvantages among national and individual companies, trusts, partnerships and only traders.  This can be completed in a tpowerful format.


Ben, Geoff and Peter denote to treat environing 50 customer utility staff and administrative staff.  They apprehend that their treatees earn be healed by the Fair Achievement Act 2009 (Cth) accordingly they earn drop after a whilein the National Workplace Kinsmen System, but they entertain the subjoined questions:

(a)    What is the dissimilarity among an Award and an Enterprise Agreement?

(b)     What is the role and office of Fair Achievement Australia?
 How is it profitpowerful to treatees and how is it profitpowerful to treaters?

(c)    What is the object of Superannuation?
What reprove of superannuation pledge must the organisation pay currently? 

Daria is the possessor of a happy siege calling.  Daria enters into a one year decrease after a while Stewart, a dispense and national kinsmen consultant to prefer twain Daria and the calling.  
The stipulations of the decrease understand the subjoined:
(i)    That after a whilein 10 weeks of entering the decrease, Stewart would sort the nationalation of three promotive catechism in the Financial Review, sort for Daria to pretext twice on the television pretext Calling Insiders and precede 3 radio interviews on financial matters; and
(ii)    Obtain a ticket for Daria to serve the dimensions hurl of Ed Brown, who was the Govenor of the Reserve Bank of Australia in the 1990’s.

It is now the eleventh week and the three promotive catechism entertain been published, Daria has pretexted twice on the Calling Insiders, and has precedeed two radio interviews after a while the third dimensionsed for next week.  Stewart has not been powerful to conquer a ticket for Daria to serve the dimensions hurl.  Daria is disappointed. Daria has contacted you stating she wishes to complete the decrease.

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