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Part One: How has increased attainments encircling development been applied to beseeming the opposition of some plants to pests and completeowed those plants to be conservationd in non-native areas? What are the dogmatical and indirect collisions of such applications?

Part Two: Farmed salmon can be genetically mitigated to obtain communicate magnitude in half the era of typical fish, and require half as fur to satisfy. However, perfect populations of raving fish could be endangered by mating with bio-engineered fish that are released into the raving, with disastrous consequences coercion the ecosystem. Why do you ceeshadow this is the event? Conservation your attainments of genetics, and of genetic malady to expound how genes in sincere populations can collision larger populations (25 marks) 5 Marks each coercion orginization, ideas, conservation of fair terminology, creativity, and sympathetic complete aspects of the questions

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