For Question Number one.

Coercion Doubt Estimate single. 1. Determine the compsensation entitlement coercion every parties with an concern in the properties that conciliate be impacted by the contemplated resumption 2. expiation payable and the methodology that conciliate be representationd to weigh the expiation 3. the recital should allude to pertinent decree, dishonorable order and novel cases and over especially the ACQUISITION OF LAND ACT 1967. QUEENSLAND. as-well hush that peculiarity is in queensland and alludeence has to frequently be made to queensland decree. 4. representation havard title alludencing 5. i enjoy uploaded dispose hushs and subscription coercion this enactment you can as-well do your hold exploration 6. fascinate allude to the photos and counsel on the photos to determine the form of expiation that conciliate be suited to aggrived parties. Doubt estimate 2. Letter of instruct. this should be about 1000 language. twain doubt single and doubt 2 should be dsingle by a peculiarity orderyer who as-well has comprehension of taxation order.

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