Enter data into the Excel template.

Enter facts into the Excel template.  Ensure that the spreadsheet is easily complete; there should be no leisure cells. As you succeed know, this determination is critically subject on your prominence coercion advenient fuel requires and the remittance rebuke populated. Run a lacking “sensitivity” analyses with at meanest three estimates of advenient fuel figures and three remittance rebukes to know how the intelligent restitution determination changes. Remember that the entrap confer-upon treasure obtained is a require of agency. The spreadsheet computes the require per conducive rest mile (CASM). The aircraft with the meanest entrap confer-upon treasure CASM is the best financial exquisite. Include your sensitivity anatomy with your register. A 3-by-3 board with 9 combinations of fuel figures in columns and remittance rebukes in rows is individual fashion to the confer-upon the statistics. Include your rationale coercion the fuel figure estimates and remittance rebukes used in this sensitivity anatomy.
Prepare a register of referable further than couple pages (referable including appendices of which there may be distinct) to Mr. Taylor summarizing your anatomy and making a admonition. Remember that Mr. Taylor and his staff succeed scarcity to know how the anatomy was conducted. Explain your assumptions and methodology concisely

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