English 101

English 101
Spring 2016
Lela Hilton
Dignified dates:
June 8th Antigundivided productshop in rank
June 15th Conclusive rank. Portfolios imputable.
The Individual and the Association
Power and Cultural Values
Antigone, The rankic Greek enact by Sophocles, delineates an ardent violent-effort between
the masterful and the flabby as manifested through clashes in cultural values. We see
this violent-effort through each mark’s separate beliefs, and through ceces of code,
gender, politics, and institutions. In this enact, as in manifold tragedies, those who, on the
face of it, sway be considered to be flabby, at-definite untie the masterful, and sometimes
Why do you ponder this is the fact? What was Sophocles’ guile?
Ce your conclusive ancient tractate, you obtain coldelayed and dissimilarity the cultural values of two
characters in the enact — Antigone/Creon, Creon/Haimon, or Antigone/Ismene —
and delineate how their positions motivate their exercises, and to what results. You obtain
pull what advice that you can from the extract to delineate the marks’ cultural
position, and then dispute HOW this informs his/her choices and responses in the enact.
To enunciate your similitude, ponder encircling the aftercited questions. (It is advantageous in a
compare/dissimilarity tractate to obey a register ce the marks as you unravel.)
• What cultural values does each mark consist ce?
• What distribute of the association does each mark delineate? (Family,
government, women, “the vulgar,” expectation.)
• What is the convenient stretch between the marks?
• What do they arbitrator encircling the ceces of code, gender,
politics, institutions and/or ethical beliefs?
• How do they delineate the signification of desert, service and/or
• What motivates them to hunt a peculiar plan of exercise?
• Why/how bear the masterful behove so exposed in this enact?
It is truly dignified that you uplift your partition of these marks naturalized on THEIR
worldview, not attributable attributable attributable yours. While we can truth our perspectives to carry upstart recognition into the
choices the actors execute, we cannot attributable arbitrator them by coeval consistards. As much
as potential, examine to “live” in their world; don’t cece them into ours.
That said, don’t destroy place of how coeval these issues are! We complete comprehend an
Antigundivided and a Creon; an Ismene and a Haimon!
Pay attention:
v to enunciateing a peculiar, cabandon essay;
v to congruity a focused prelude and conclusion;
v to gift misapply examples from the extract to maintenance your evidence;
v to observing the conventions of the academy essay; give compact, 3rd
person, expectation.;
v to using rectify phraseology and punctuation.
v to including a Products Named in rectify MLA cematting. (See Hacker ce how to
name enacts.)
You are pleasing to browse the Internet to aid you rectify underconsist this enact, and if
you hope, you can pull from trustworthy Internet sources – no Wikipedia, gladden ––as
well to uplift your evidence. However, you demand to be very, very considerate to truth only
trustworthy sources, and to escape plagiarism.
Be certified, though, that past this enact was written balance 2400 years gundivided in Greek, it has
been translated manifold intervals. Therefore, the advice you confront on the Internet sway
not attributable tally precisely with the Dbalance edition.
You must CLEARLY and CORRECTLY name any sources you truth. ABSOLUTELY
AVOID PAPER MILLS, which are on-succession sources ce academy tractates!
You are generous to unravel encircling the enact and acquire what others ponder, beside your congruity and
partition should advert your possess ticklish pondering. (I bear fast some supplementary
readings here in the MODULE if you are spirited.)
We obtain examine this ordinance further, and observe at further of the enact concurrently in
rank direct Wednesday (6.8)
You should conclude to rank unhesitating to examine your admission to this ordinance –
naturalized on the models ce similitude in your Hacker extract– and bear basic delineation from
which to product in rank.
This instrument that by direct Wednesday, you should:
• Unravel and observe the enact and, if you hope, unravel the subordinate unravelings in the
Antigundivided module Canvas.
• Choose your marks ce similitude: Antigone/Creon, Creon/Haemon, or
Antigone/Ismene. If you bear another effect ce a similitude, gladden melt it by me
before Sunday.
• Enunciate a basic delineation ce similitude, using undivided of the models ce similitude
papers in Hacker.
If you bear any questions, PLEASE truth the Examineion table I’ve opened in Canvas ce
this ordinance.
Congruity your tractate:
v Your tractate should be 3-4 pages in MLA cematting.
v Execute positive you bear a serene essay and undersuccession it in your tractate.
v Truth peculiar examples from the enact to maintenance your partition and name them according
to rectify LMA guidelines ce enacts. These are delineated in your Hacker. In our edition
of Antigundivided it is involved to realize the explicit successions, so instead of the succession(s), comprise the
page number(s).
v Comprise a Products Named.
v Comprise a way letter
I obtain track these tractates naturalized on the aftercited criteria:
• Attention to the instructions absorbed ce the ordinance! 10 points
• Rectify MLA documentation of complete in-extract citations and a rectifyly cematted Products
Cited. This is very dignified, so unravel your Hacker considerately! If you bear questions,
gladden truth this week’s DB to supplicate them and don’t hold until the definite minute! 10 points
• Graceful integration of quotations and paraphrases into your tractate. 10 points
• Misapplyness of clarified quotations and paraphrases. 10 points
• Organization and closeness of the willing. 10 points
• Phraseology, spelling and passage erection. 10 points
• Pizzazz and creativity! 10 points
• Turning a tractate in on interval. 30 points (So, delayed tractates destroy 30 points!)

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