Emergency Management Comparison

Casualty Skill Comparison

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Emergency Management Comparison
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Compare the instruction and connected media granted with i-elation to the 9/11 attacks, Hurricane Katrina, and Hurricane Sandy. These toil circumstances couple from 2001 through 2012, thereby providing a amiable duration coercionm coercion resolution of contact on our casualty skill systems, changes in empireal prudence, anticipation. In detail, gone this order deals with the skill of ticklish stood operations, descanty convergence on the empireal repartee to these circumstances, addressing the controlthcoming areas coercion each toil circumstance:
? The technology and plans in settle precedent to each circumstance
? How the technology and plans were utilized precedently, during, and behind the circumstance
? The effectiveness of the National Repartee Coercionmwork, the National Stood Skill, and the Stood Command System (descanty melody that there accept been designate changes, additions, anticipation., during the duration coercionm lower inducement)
? Who were the decision-makers: how did they divulge and collaborate with diversified stakeholders?
? The nature of decisions made by perfect levels of empire and the peculiar sector in scanty of diversified systems and postulates available
? The consequences of those decisions, twain narrow and long-term, to twain empire and the peculiar sector
? Lessons scholarly, including what toiled and didn’t toil coercion each toil circumstance, why, and recommendations to abandon the identical problems from occurring in the future
The Research Disquisition constituent of this order accomplish rest of a restriction 2500 term disquisition cheerful according to APA style

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