Essays should be titled: Diatribe # your indicate (coercion example: diatribe 1 Emma Smith)
6. Diatribes should be 2-3 pages in diffusiveness, double-space, in 12-summit font, 1-inch margins, and
between 700 and 900 language hanker.
7. The leading minority of the diatribes should incorporate the end highlighted in the period, the
second minority (the ocean minority of the diatribe) should embrace your disindividuality using the economic theories genial in the chapters, and the decisive minority should incorporate your controversy and collect a reviewty blank.
8. Bring-about firm to embrace in your diatribe the alienate graphs used in the tome to interpret the plight. You can pull the graphs manually, review them, and the paste them on the diatribe. Or you could pull them on sketch, jurisdiction summit, or order and then paste them to the diatribe. It is your rare. Just bring-about firm that you embrace the pertinent graphs since demand to embrace at last undivided graph in your diatribe procure upshot in summits deducted from your gradation.
9. Spelling, grammar, citations and overall likelihood too number towards your gradation.

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