Econ 281: Summer Wall Street Program

Econ 281: Summer Wall Street Program
Summer 2016

Inquiry Brochure: Handextinguished 1

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Econ 281: Summer Wall Street Program
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1) Choosing a Material
2) Gathering Postulates

The inquiry brochure that you perform transcribe this representation perform be a brave. It perform nerve you to thrive up with an pristine object to dissect, a daunting work ce administrative economists! It perform nerve you to sincerely discern an area of financial negotiates in explorationing component. You perform recognize to scrounge the library and Internet ce any information, whether deep or tangential, that pertains to your material. Chances are, at-last, that you perform possess it. Besides of choosing an object that interests you, rather than having me pick-extinguished single at accidental, you perform arrange aggravate attempt (of your hold choosing) into the device. You perform too perform costly inquiry and congeniality test, skills that perform succor in garden classes and in other areas of vivacity. Developedly, financial information never hurts anysingle – merely financial sciolism does.

Let me set-extinguished with a rare foundation rules. Couple weeks departed the latest day of the program, no succeeding than Friday, July 8th at 5:00pm, you perform transmit me this device via email. It perform be closely fifteen typed pages (encircling 3,000 articulation. Don’t single-space the brochure, with ¼ inch margins proportioned so it fits on twenty pages!); this compute can embrace graphs and tables, though it is right to go aggravate twenty pages if you recognize embraced noble-minded graph/tables. If you do referable attributable attributable attributable decline in the developed exhaust of your brochure by the deadline established overhead, you perform take a referablehing, and perform most definitely miscarry the program.

1) Choosing a material

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Econ 281: Summer Wall Street Program
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a) Choosing a material can be daunting, proportioned owing the choices in material material are aggravatewhelming. Banking and financial negotiates environ so numerous aspects of our vivacity and humanization, from the worldly and very-much persomal to interdiplomatic in liberty. Keep in liking that I would relish you to pick-extinguished a material that interests you, referable attributable attributable attributable a material that you may apprehobject interests me. Some of the best devices that I recognize unravel recognize been on materials encircling which I previously kinnovating referable attributable attributablehing. Here is a minute illustration of materials (explicit ward Wall Street semester brochures):

? The object of the NYSE? Electronic Trading and the Advenient of Financial Negotiates
? Dishonesty and Discrimination in Financial Negotiates
? Playing Close to the Hedge: An Aggravateview of Hedge Funds, Hedge Fund Miscarryures, and Hedge Fund Regulation
? Risk Aversion in Financial Negotiates
? Capital Controls: The Product of the World’s Dominant Financial Centers
? Predatory Lending and the Happy Abodeowner
? Deconstructing the Asian Financial Crisis and Mexican Peso Crisis
? LBOs and Private Equity Groups
? Aggravateregulation in the United Recites Financial Negotiates
? The Best of Both Worlds: NYSE’s Commitment to Ongoing Success
? The Sarbanes-Oxley Act: Why It Was Demanded and What It Entails
? Private Equity: Angel or Barbarian?
? Inside the Scandal: A Closer Look at Insider Trading and Its Negotiate Commoditiess
? Argentina: What Caused the 2003 Implosion?
? Negotiate Globalization: Links betwixt the fund negotiates of the U.S., Britain, and Japan
? How do Hedge Funds Affect Financial Negotiates? Insight and Analysis
? Interdiplomatic Lending and Its Commodities on Sub-Saharan Africa
? The commodities of financial negotiates on global economic product (rendezvous on India’s Grameen Bank)
? The commodities of financial negotiates on persomal economic product (ie: Red Bulls stadium, innovating Yankees stadium, expectation.)
? A Parasitic or Symbiotic Relationship? The Federal Reserve System and Wall Street
? How the Great Depression stationary affects America Today
? Are Big Corporate Wall Street Mergers cheerful ce America?
? Does Interdiplomatic Agency Lending Aid or Hurt Developing Countries? The World Bank under a Magnifying Glass

I perform declare this once: BE ORIGINAL!! (Do NOT designation yourself to single of these materials!)
b) Bibliography

Once you recognize clarified a material, you demand to direct a attainment exploration. You demand to furnish extinguished what other inhabitants recognize written on the material. There perform ALWAYS be some brochures that recite to your material, no material how by-and-by. Trust me on this single. Thrive converse to me if you can furnish no insinuate of suited materials.

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Econ 281: Summer Wall Street Program
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The leading step to this regularity is to go into an electronic postulatesbase determined EconLit. From an Internet browser such as Mozilla, go to the Drew Library abode page (suited from Drew’s deep page – proportioned pick-extinguished Drew Community at the apex of the page). Go to Inquiry >> Online Media >> Economics (under ‘Social Sciences’) >> EconLit. Then, thrive the instructions in the postulatesbase to direct a exploration (keywords, expectation.) Single suited peculiarity of EconLit is that you can email the results of your exploration to your representation. Even reform, most of the register creed that you furnish perform be downloadable in .pdf cemat. It may decline extinguished, depending on your material, that you perform referable attributable attributable attributable recognize to investigate the library at all! (intrinsic you are rendezvousing on an object that is aggravate truthful in constitution)
Other online media embrace online register and innovatings creed. To procure to these links from the Drew Library abode page, go to Inquiry >> Online Media >> Economics (under ‘Social Sciences’ >>

Proquest – though it contains rareer ‘real’ economics creed, there are numerous online calling creed here, dating tail to the mid-1980s. These would be cheerful to motivate your material, especially in the gate.
Calling Source Premier – roughly correspondent to Proquest, still a) it embraces calling register creed, and b) it goes tail to the 1960s
Lexis-Nexis Academic – contains full-text versions of creed from closely every U.S. innovatingspaper.
Single very considerable referable attributable attributablee: establish stable that a faction of your bibliography (at lowest three, and preferably five or aggravate citations) consists of creed from books and administrative registers, such as the Register of Monetary Economics or American Economic Review. I won’t recognize a bibliography consisting singly of creed from Time, Innovatingsweek and Yahoo. This is economics! You demand some descryming of models, referable attributable attributable attributable gossip from a confabulation room!

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Econ 281: Summer Wall Street Program
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You must decline in your material scheme (which should initiate with a phrase stating the facet of banking and/or financial negotiates you recognize clarified to dissect, and a single-paragraph, aggravate componented interpretation under) by the late of Monday, June 20.

c) Extinguishedline: Suffice to declare, everyone’s brochure perform be altogether incongruous. Therefore, a common extinguishedline perform barely aid numerous of you. Still I propose single anyway, so that you may procure a wield on how to con-over your object.

1. Gate (recite object and why it is of significance)
2. Tailfoundation (here you perform omission to go into the fact of the material. Ce illustration, if you are looking at how the equity negotiate structures of the U.S. and Canada disagree, you would omission to converse encircling the invention of these institutions in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, as well-behaved-behaved as how the couple sets of systems recognize withstood financial bustle)
3. The Object at Hand – an interpretation of the running object
4. Policy Recommendations (or how you descry the object changing in the advenient, ie: the advenient of the U.S. equities negotiates)
5. Conclusion (proportioned a wrap-up of what you recognize converseed encircling in the departed ten pages)

2) Postulates
You WILL be required to dissect and argue financial postulates in your device! Aggravate encircling this, including postulates sources, perform be cethcoming.

Deadline (once again):

Friday, July 8 Developed Version of Brochure Due, by 5:00pm! No exceptions!!

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