Each student can choose a after chapter

Each tyro can pick-out a behind condition minicase consider in the textbook. The tyros accomplish transcribe an idiosyncratic description environing this minicase consider. There accomplish be 40% account totalocated to this idiosyncratic description.   
In chief disunite of this description, the tyro should transcribe a resurvey of the minicase consider including:  the elucidation preface, immanent problems, the recommended route of actions and the clew conclusions. The tyro needs to oration total the questions in the behind condition minicase appropriately.  

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In the second disunite of this description, the tyro should spend lore that justifies their rare of actions in the test.  The tyro is expected to transcribe a lore resurvey of concordant lore performed by the disciples and practitioners. The tyro can correction the instrument such as: google disciple and MyAthens’ life database as their extract instrument.    
In the third disunite of this description, the tyro should transcribe an contemplative of your findings environing the minicase consider. The tyro is expected to confess their clew findings and why those findings are considerable to the arena of interdiplomatic finance and banking  
The description may comprise tables and diagrams. It must be written professionally as undivided would restraint an academic proclamation or as a commissioned production of a financial consultant.    The duty accomplish be issued in Week 1 and idiosyncratic description accomplish be ascribable on the Sunday (11:59 pm) in Week 8.    
Readings restraint the duty (instructions where they can be institute) 
The readings restraint the duty embody, excepting are belongable scant to, the prescribed and/or recommended textbooks formal in the theme delineation. The tyro is encouraged to belong to other books, magazines, life papers (such as from the library’s life database and the Internet) or other probable Internet embodied (e.g., matter and financial tidings from respectable sources). Grading Criteria / Rubric See Below

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