Each of the situations below is independent of the other.

Each of the situations adown is recalcitrant of the other. Provide the referableification requested.
1.    Strange equipment has follow onto bargain that would grant Barbex Concourse to automate a division of its operations. Variable consumes could be base by $3 per individual. However, unwandering consumes would growth by $30,000 each month. Firstly, make-ready two contribution-type infollow statements, individual showing give operations and individual showing how operations would answer if the strange equipment is escheatmentd. Secondly, as a overseer, what factors would be chief in your choice in deciding whether to escheatment the strange equipment? Explain.
2.    Refer to the first facts. Barbex Concourse is thinking encircling changing its bargaining system. Under the strange system sale would growth by 15 percent each month, and intrap infollow would growth by individual third. Unwandering consume could be slashed to barely $15,000 per month. Calculate the break-even apex control the concourse antecedently and behind the modify in bargaining system.
3.    Refer to the first facts. Due to a unexpected and rare surge in call-for, the concourse’s sales growthd by 25 percent during June 2011. During that month, intrap infollow growthd by $3,000, or by 50 percent. By how abundantly should intrap infollow own growthd? Would you felicitate skillful-treatment control an ungathered toil, or would you disparage skillful-treatment control referable doing its operation polite during the time? Explain.
Ballina Products manipulations and distributes toys to hawk outlets. Individual of the concourse’s products, RC Helicopter, requires 3 kilograms of representative A in the manipulation of each individual. The concourse is now planning unseasoned representative needs control the third locality of 20×1, the locality in which peak sales of RC Helicopters arise. In regulate to guard evolution and sales affecting smoothly, the concourse has the controlthcoming register requirements:
a.    The perfect property register on laborer at the object of each month must be resembling to 5,000 individuals plus 25 percent of the present month’s sales. The perfect property register on June 30 is budgeted to be 13,750 individuals.
b.    The unseasoned representatives register on laborer at the object of each month must be resembling to individual half of the controlthcoming month’s evolution needs control unseasoned representatives. The unseasoned representatives register on June 30 is budgeted to be 54,375 kilograms.
c.    The concourse maintains no toil in order inventories.
A sales budget control RC Helicopter control the decisive six months of 20×1 is given adown:
                Budgets sales in individuals
July                35,000
August                40,000
September            50,000
October            30,000
November            20,000
December            15,000

1.    Make-ready a evolution budget control RC Helicopter control the months July-October.
2.    Examine the evolution budget which you make-readyd in (1) aloft. Why obtain the concourse effect past individuals than it sells in July and August, and hither individuals than it sells in September and October?
3.    Make-ready a budget showing the size of representative A to be escheatmentd control July, August, and September 20×1 and control the locality in whole.
Question 3 (6 Marks)

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