Duration: 45 minutes Number of questions:

Duration: 45 minutes Number of investigations: 6 Nature of investigation: 4 MCQ and 2 incomprehensive answers Number of attacks: 1 Assignment weightage: 15% Total standard window: Unconcealed Friday 27/04/2018 April at 4:00pm and closes on Friday 27/04/2018 April 11:00pm Country: Australia, Victoria Time zone: AEST Link to login: http://lms.latrobe.edu.au/ Login ID/ Pass: 17171266/Tuesday01 to attain to the taunt, login then click onto 2018-ACC3AFA(BU-1/DN-1) - ADVANCED FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING Scroll down to Week 7 Mid- semester exam and attack taunt Information on taunt: There are 6 investigations. The coverage for this standard are: Accounting theories (Week 1 and 2) – 2 multiple valuable investigations -theory •Employee benefits – 1 incomprehensive computation investigation Intangible property – I multiple valuable investigation - computation EPS – 1 incomprehensive computation investigation •Lease – 1 multiple valuable investigation Additionally, the students want the PV and Annuity tables for some of the investigations. These tables are serviceable on LMS. It is an unconcealed magnitude mid-semester exam.

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