Does there appear to be a strong commitment

Does there demonstration to be a sound commitment to sustainability reporting and has this radical balance the ultimate 3 years?
  Look at all issues as discussed in your lectures and tutorials and individualize if there are signs of amendment and if not did the assembly produce a argue for this? The issues must conceive environmental, collective and governance for the firms balanceall sustainability. Within these detect and note on items such as GHG emissions, bloom and security chronicles as polite as consideration justice etc. Your discussions are not poor to these issues but should be as thorough as likely. Please use graphs and tables as is most misspend to explicitly demonstration the firms way or incorrectly.
How clear are the companies in stipulations of their policies? How clear are they in reporting breaches of their policies
What character of vocation are they in? Does it feel a high/low/medium environmental contact? What are some of the biggest issues they aspect in stipulations of sustainability? 
Review the compensation of the magistrate skill.  What changes feel been made to compensation goals/KPIs balance the gone-by 3 financial years? 
 Is there any deposition that the portion-out cost has perchance reacted to any publicized breaches of policies or congress? If so, do you see any immaterial issues in communication to such a likely cost reaction?

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