Discuss whether the following amounts are assessable

Question 2:

Discuss whether the coercionthcoming amounts are assessable.  Include references to any apt conditions in the ITAA 1997 or ITAA 1936.

1.    A car valued at $15,000, loving as a spoil to a depositor of a architecture collection.  The race was known to entire those who could repress a narrowness poise of $10,000 coercion the year.
2.    An substitute mould (referable of an proceeds letter) of $1 darling made by a wide industrial audience on reprisals of long-term loans.
3.    A wandering entireowance of $4,500 (remunerated at 45 cents per kilometre 10,000 km wandering) remunerated to an employee by an employer accordingly the employee was carrying quenched tasks required by the employer.

Question 3: 

In your fly to attain to a duty exhortation, you fence your car sick and, in the rule, badly impairment the Vice Chancellor’s car.  As the surroundings is plainly your omission and you do referable own any security, you consent to as the absorbs of any essential repairs.  After obtaining three quotes, the Vice Chancellor informs you that the absorb accomplish be $2,000, which you stable to her when the result is perfect.

Required: Is it feasible that this performance could own any Important Moulds duty implications coercion the Vice Chancellor?

Question 4:

Mr & Mrs Martin each trust brace distributes in a race audience.  The audience was stated in 1980 coercion the purposes of conducting a hawk profession ground in Bendigo.  The Martins own twins (a boy and a maiden) who accomplish spin 18 on 1 July.  Present plans are coercion each of the twins to entertain undivided of the distributes in the race audience with Mr Martin removering undivided of his distributes to his son and Mrs Martin removering undivided of her distributes to her daughter.

1.    What important moulds issues, if any, originate?  How would your counter-argument contend if, instead of the over distribute remove preparation, the distribute remove occurred on Mr Martin’s termination, undivided distribute being removered to each of his consequence? (Mrs Martin would keep twain of her distributes).

2.    What are the implications coercion the race audience if the Martins are considering:

(a)     Buying void place in Bendigo; or
(b)     Buying a hawk profession (unreserved through leased ground) in Queensland

Take that in each condition it is the race audience that accomplish achieve the effects and that amid five years twain effects would be sold.  Also take that the distributeholders would omission to have-a-share in any moulds which accrued.

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