CSU MBA6001 unit V essay

Al-Haddad & Kotnour (2015) describes the transmute standards of Kotter and Lewin. In an oration, parallel and opposition these transmute standards or any other present scrutiny that focuses on idiosyncratic behaviors and hindrance to transmute.

1. Explain each tread of the transmute standard.

2. Parallel and opposition each standard of transmute.

3. Explain the application of each standard on implementing transmute and hindrance to transmute.

Your oration should be three pages in extension, referable including the denomination page or relation page. Cite at meanest single scholarly boundary from the CSU Online Library (referable including the relationd fact con-over boundary). You must involve complete relationd, paraphrased, and quoted embodied and sources used with in-text citations in the adapted APA format.

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