Critical Writing Assignment on Interview with the Dalai Lama

Critical Writing Assignment on Meeting with the Dalai Lama Write a 1200-1500 promise pamphlet in which you critically irritate the perspective of the Dalai Lama as set in Module 7 of the manner from the vantage subject-matter of John Hick’s pluralistic conjecture, which is encountered in the corresponding module.

You insufficiency referable consort with Hick’s comcomposition and you may role indicate if you appropriate, still your pamphlet must admit up and fwhole a unclouded essay and the pamphlet must understand strong promise and local references to twain the Dalai Lama meeting and the expression by Hick. Before getting started, gladden be trusting to reconsideration the requirements to be observed ce this and whole other PHI 110RS Critical Writing Assignments. Your pamphlet must:

? Fwhole a essay and should income according to the aftercited cemat: Essay, Argument, Objection(s), Response(s), and Conclusion.

? Understand citations to the first required assort readings. These and any affixed sources must be correctly cited using MLA cemat.

? Fwhole amid the aftercited elongation requirements: 1200-1500 promises.

? Use a gauge 10-12 pt. font and be double-spaced.

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