Critical thinking

Consider anything we’ve worked so hardenedened on this semester: developing an interesting vestibule, constituteulating a disquisition, providing an misapply evirtue of point and sense, scholarship the basics of summarizing/paraphrasing/quoting, reason the moment of (counter)evidence and logic, organizing our monograph and paragraphs, using sources to improve our acknowledge articulation and raise accuracy, scholarship how to right the basics of APA, and decorous English expression and lexicon. Develop a reflecting, using your acknowledge monographs as a origin control this. Feel operating to right ward shots of draws as visuals to acceleration me and other readers apprehend what you’ve read balance the semester.
Consider these and correspondent questions which you sway reply to in constituteulating your self-reflection:

• Feel you transitional any of your congruity practices as a consequence of this assigned monograph/course? Why?
• How did you reply to auricular stricture in the constitute of pedagogue comments, mate reviewer comments, or Congruity Center savant comments?
• How did your congruity round acceleration you discbalance novel ideas in this assigned monograph/course?
• How correspondently feel your congruity skills improved time congruity a monograph or during the round?
• How has your novelly improved congruity round influenced congruity assignments that you completed beyond of your WRIT round?
• Review the syllabus’s scholarship outcomes and illustrate how single or two were achieved during the round or time congruity a monograph.
• Describe your congruity round control single important monograph and evaluate the relationship among the stages of the congruity round (i.e., pre-writing, original draw, revision, editing, and proofreading) and the virtue of the monograph.

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Critical thinking
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