Cost-effectiveness analysis – Which of several alternative strategies

A. Uwe Reinhardt, an economist at Princeton University, wrote the aftercited in a column in the New York Times: [Cost-effectiveness partition] seeks to substantiate which of distinct resource strategies suitable of achieving a ardent therapeutic sight is the least-consume manoeuvre. It seems a perceptible fashion of examistate in a state that is dismayed balance the encouragement consume of soundness concern. . . . Opponents of consume-effectiveness partition apprehend people who sincerely honor that soundness and society are “priceless.” Are soundness and society inestimable? Are there any decisions you perform during your usual society that show whether you judge soundness and society to be inestimable?

Source: Uwe E. Reinhardt, “‘Cost-Effectiveness Partition’ and U.S. Soundness Concern,” The New York Times, March 13, 2009.

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