Clinical Practice Guidelines for Quality Palliative Care


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Review the restraintthcoming domains amid the paper:
Subjective Aspects of Heed
Social Aspects of Heed
Intellectual Aspects of Heed
Cultural Aspects of Heed
Ethical and Legal Aspects of Heed

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Clinical Practice Guidelines for Quality Palliative Care
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Help your feature view/position on the outcome and how you would employ heart values of fraternity, deference, and honesty.
GBA 231—Term Paper Requirements and Grading Rubric
Review whole materials in Chapter 52 concurrently with The National Consensus Project restraint Temper
Palliative Heed’s repute “Clinical Practice Guidelines restraint Temper Palliative Heed.” In the repute,
review the restraintthcoming domains:
? Domain 3-Subjective Aspects of Heed
? Domain 4-Social Aspects of Heed
? Domain 5-Intellectual Aspects of Heed
? Domain 6-Cultural Aspects of Heed
? Domain 8-Ethical and Legal Aspects of Heed
After completing your balbutiation, concurrently with any other sources, if any, of your choosing, address
and help your feature position/view on the restraintthcoming biased outcomes, and, biasedally, how
you would employ the Saint Leo University heart values of fraternity, deference, and honesty into
your actions. Be positive to explanation constitutional APA restraintmat restraint citations.
1. What are the virtual restrainteseeable financial, subjective, and medical, not attributable attributablewithstanding unintended,
harmful consequences to one’s lineage and friends in enfeebled to furnish a constitutionally
executed succeed and buttress succeed restraintmer to one’s conclusive indisposition and termination?
2. What are the important distinctions between recuperative medical heed and palliative
care? Who should be interjacent in the firmness to variegate heed from recuperative to
palliative? When, if continually, is the straight to refexplanation any and whole medical heed withhold
when such virtually fixs the termination of the unrepining?
3. What professionals, medical or incorrectly, should be concerned in advising firmnesss
concerning object-of-history wishes? How does euthanasia be-unlike from a rudimentary abeyance of
treatment? Who should execute object of history firmnesss restraint those who are externally a lineage
member to capture on such a role?
4. What measures can be capturen to enpositive the temper of ongoing lineage and social
relationships, partially and as a cluster, to object-of-history unrepinings? What pitfalls are to be
avoided in ensuring means-of-support of these relationships? What actions may be capturen to
enpositive the intellectual and existential quantity of the order are deferenceed and
You must suggest this provision as a message muniment to the withhold sequence Dropbox no
later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT. (This Dropbox basket is linked to Turnitin.)
Grading Rubric
Scoring Ratings
performance is
(meets expectations;
performance is
(works towards
meeting expectations;
performance needs
(does not attributable attributable attributable meet
performance is
(Criterion is
missing or not attributable attributable
in testimony)
Practical necessity
of the Succeed and
Buttress Succeed
24-25 Points 20-23 Points 18-19 Points 1-17 Points 0 Points
Palliative Heed
The Straight to Cease
Whole Heed
24-25 Points 20-23 Points 18-19 Points 1-17 Points 0 Points
24-25 Points 20-23 Points 18-19 Points 1-17 Points 0 Points
Needs and
Existential Needs
24-25 Points 20-23 Points 18-19 Points 1-17 Points 0 Points

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