Choose one of the following companies listed on the ASX,

Choose one of the subjoined companies listed on the ASX, and solution the questions in that context: 1. Retail Food Group (ASX Code: RFG) 2. Seek Limited (ASX Code: SEK) 3. Ramsay Health Care Limited (ASX Code: RHC) 4. Harvey Norman Holdings Limited (ASX Code: HVN) You are required to solution the subjoined questions as they recount to the corporation you chose:  
i) Analyse and explain on the chief constituency of the corporation in the late                  5 years (2013-2017).  Is it optimal? Why or why not?    
ii) Analyse the corporation’s dividend narrative in the late 5 years (2013-2017), and collect a accurate evaluation of the corporation’s dividend narrative.  
iii) Collect an segregation of portion-out cost diverge for the late five years (20122017).  
iv) In the unthoughtful of your segregation over, evaluate the attractiveness of corporation’s  wonted portion-outs for cannonade. Include in your segregation a argument of the weaknesses / limitations of your segregation, and any key risks that may seek the attractiveness of the corporation as an cannonade, and how you own factored these risks into your attractiveness segregation and valuation. Do you deem that the fixed is justly valued by the communicate? Discuss

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