Chapter 8 Market Entry, Monopolistic Competition, and Oligopoly

41) Implicit relationship incompact steadfasts to repress appraisements is illicit inferior antitrust laws.

42) Appraisement commencement is when individual steadfast sets appraisement for the perseverance and the others ensue.

43) Explain what guaranteed appraisement matching resources. What are the consequences of such a plan?

44) Describe how if a appraisement-fixing pastime is many balance and balance, the cooperative product rule be attained.

45) Describe a stern trigger management.

46) Describe a tit-for-tat management.

47) How rule other steadfasts in an oligopoly expindividual your distil in appraisement?

8.7 The Hazardous Monopolist and Entry Deterrence

1) A preoccupancy faced with the possibility that another steadfast may penetrate is a(n)

A) regular preoccupancy.

B) competitive preoccupancy.

C) hazardous preoccupancy.

D) oligopolistic preoccupancy.

2) An hazardous preoccupancy is individual where

A) a innovating obvious has been granted.

B) the possibility of a prevent steadfast penetrateing exists.

C) no other steadfasts can penetrate.

D) appraisement-fixing is illicit inferior the Sherman Act.

3) When a steadfast increases output and accepts a inferior appraisement to suppress innovating steadfasts from penetrateing, it is attractive in

A) stipulation pricing.

B) cartel action.

C) confederacy.

D) appraisement fixing.

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