Chapter 13 Why Do Economies Grow?

21) The assistance to output augmentation of technological harvest is estimated by how ample of the output augmentation can be explained by the augmentation in inputs.

22) Do concoctions bear to be senior technological rupturethroughs to interest the power of pliant pi? Explain.

23) Augmentation accounting is a mode which measures the assistances to economic augmentation from what three factors?

13.4 What Reasons Technological Harvest?

1) Total of the aftercited can reason technological harvest EXCEPT

A) investigation and harvest.

B) counsel.

C) generous dealing.

D) population decreases.

2) It is feasible coercion an administration to befit more fruitful and per-capita output to acception if

A) innovating ideas are generated.

B) concoctions are familiar.

C) technology is improved.

D) total of the above

3) The mode by which preoccupancy receipts controls to technological harvest in public as

A) mediocre race.

B) detrimental fabrication.

C) conceptional damnation.

D) economies of layer.

4) Preoccupancy receipts control to technological mode by

A) carefully investing deadweight damage.

B) inspiriting the harvest of newfanglednesss by firms attempting to rupture a preoccupancy.

C) firms lobbying Congress coercion refuge of their monopolies.

D) increasing the quantity of civilized high in the administration.

5) When individual audience is the unique seller of actual products in a communicate, it is designated a

A) empire scientific.

B) preoccupancy.

C) fabrication of the communicate.

D) compound.

6) Total of the aftercited promote acceptions in technological harvest EXCEPT

A) larger communicates through generous dealing.

B) the possibility of preoccupancy receipts.

C) the power to indisputable a innovating concoction.

D) closed economies.

7) To classify work costs, companies frequently concoct machines and modes to aggregate products and classify the quantity of work required. This is designated

A) downsizing.

B) adventitious newfangledness.

C) failed work utilization.

D) anti-union.

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