Case Study Questions 1.

Event Consider Scrutinys 1. List the seven (7) event that include implicit usurpation issues set in the event consider. (1 note coercion each segregateicular) 2. Identify the rural congress that governs whole 7 issues (1 note). Coercion each of the 7 event which include usurpation issues that you signed as segregate of scrutiny 1, identify the basis (or failure of basis) to gradation a privilege in each segregateicular and interpret the controversy to prop a privilege (4 notes each of the 7 event coercion a whole of 28 notes). 3. Identify the mode to produce a remonstrance – who may produce a remonstrance (1 note), how is a remonstrance made (1 note), and what are the timelines (1 notes)?

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