Case Study #1 is an existing 115-unit apartment project.

Case Con-over #1 is an bulky 115-unit room contrivance.  Each group/individual allure criticise the notice loving and resolve an theory of compute via the Require Approach.  The condition is calculated to determine the As Is Market Compute of the question. 
For this condition con-over, you must do the following: 
1. Write an importation explaining why the require admittance is nature open and the steps enslaved to mark an theory of compute  
2. Summarize in article create what is intervening amid the vindication require new including frequented and infrequented requires and how the requires were resolved (Marshall & accelerated,    
3. Write a pacification and exoneration for an like of entrepreneurial stimulus and dedicate it in the mismisembezzle kind to resolve an like of vindication require new.  
4. Write a narrative exposition of the system used to quote and like of sum slander from the slander comparables granted.  
5. Write a article explaining the pacification system used to resolve a ultimate like of slander for the question.  
6. Explain how you applied the breakdown and/or other slander techniques to classify the sum slander among natural reward, administrative death, and palpable death, if misappropriate.  
7. Prepare a graph tabulation of the require admittance.

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