Candie Cardigan has been asked to model CARDWARE’s

Candie Cardigan has been asked to mould CARDWARE’s newest sweater sequence that is made of meager and besides affectionate representative, determined Naturally There, as it can resist temperatures of 30 under 0. Beaccount this accomplish afford CARDWARE with good-tempered-tempered notoriety of its newest investment sequence, she agrees to stalk the runway in Figure City. The moulding fact is nature held at the Easton Hotel. Celebrities and those confused in the figure assiduity accomplish be in retinue. Several moulds usher Candie and her debut of Naturally There. Clad in a sapid bound, 4-inch exalted heels and a bare Naturally There sweater, Candie proceeds to the object of the runway. A trivial groove in the consultation accounts Candie’s left shoe to gain caught and she falls aggravate the object of the runway onto the grade of justices. Unfortunately, Myra, a justice and universe wonderful mould, suffers a tedious nose and slice to her aspect from individual of Candie’s shoes. Myra wants to produce a lawsuit fired on inadvertency opposite CARDWARE and Candie. Assignment Instructions You are the paralegal working restraint CARDWARE’s municipal monition and accept been asked to draw a 2–3-page double-spaced record to the CEO, Casandra (Cassie) Cardigan and examine the following: The elements individual must fir to produce a account of exercise fired on inadvertency. Potential defenses that CARDWARE and Candie may truth opposite Myra’s privilege.

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