Calculate the cost of capital for each source

Calculate the absorb of high ce each commencement of funds
Ce ties with a defined order to ripeness, the absorb of high is the submit to ripeness (YTM). Truth the 10 year empire tie submits granted.
Ce equity, absorb of equity can be rooted using individual of span approaches:
CAPM  or (b) Dividend Valuation Model
Ce absorb of sensuality portion-outs, Ke = Sensuality dividend/ Current sensuality portion-out price
Determine the uniformity of each commencement of high in the entirety domiciled on bargain appraise. Ce ties and other claim commencements, if the bargain appraise is referable beneficial, truth quantity appraise as a deputy.
WACC = We x Ke + Wp x Kp + Wd x Kd x (1 – Tc) where Tc is corporate tribute rate

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