By completing this assignment,

By completing this provision, you are required to transcribe a contingency examine noise with 300 opinion, which should embrace the controlthcoming counsel: 1. Your fraternity’s designate and the “principal activities” of this fraternity. Choose undivided fraternity from the register. [5 marks] 2. Collect divide expense grounds (daily failure expense) control 3 continuous months from 1 March 2018 to 31 May 2018 comprehensive control the fraternity of your select. Visualise fraternity’s divide expense grounds (daily failure expense) control this end. Depict the public deviate of the divide expense control this end. Produce your have graph. [10 marks] 3. Research the counsel encircling designling of divide expenses, chiefly the stochastic designling (fixed on Geometric Brownian disturbance), to depict the behaviour of the fraternity’s divide expense. A simplified account of the design is fond below:

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