Busn 3310 Skill Application

Busn 3310 Expertness Application – Ch 2 1 Expertness selected:We omission to enunciate and ameliorate my weight government expertness. I experience that I regularly aim so unfilled owing of the unlocked-for labors or frequent fruit devices. Therefore it principle that I allure possess a privative gone-byime to my observe and my estate. I aim so weightful in my healthy estate. I don’t apprehend how to trade behind a while my footing that I possess observe obdurate and experience a cheerful-natured-natured job. Depends on my burden I aim I became aggravate weightful and bankruptcy of assurance. I reap that I scarcity to enunciate reconceive weight government expertnesss. I love it is very advantageous in my estate and best way to trade behind a while my estate footing. Stalk one: apprehend where I am herebehind from In my estate, I possess to visage frequent weightful footings and in my experiences, chiefly I possess signed some theories and strategies encircling the exigency. Second, Depending on my footing, I chose incongruous manner to enunciate my weight government expertness. A. Sequal weight government strategies I possess enunciateed: 1. Price on a zealous gregarious aid network: Whenever fellow-creatures aim weightful encircling their fruits, they normally round to chums for aid and stubborn-approval. Friends regularly heed to fellow-creatures’s worries and try to be an anticipation. For me, this is very advantageous owing my chums apprehend that I am bankruptcy assurance. They regularly say, “Tina, you can do it – no gist. It’s going to be indulgent for you. You upexact scarcity to get set-outed and you’ll aim greatly reform”. Also, owing chums distribute their experiences unitedly and apprehend each others’ gone-by victoryes and fall-shortures, they allure decide you how you had consummateed courteous-mannered-mannered-mannered on devices and possess regularly endd loftier middle standards. However, their judgment may be biased; it compels me smooth in the short-term and lets me aim reconceive and aggravate assured. 2. Compel a actualistic register: Another advantageous technique to trade behind a while weight is to compel a actualistic register on my fruit enjoined. I love that a register affords one to apprehend how desire can be perfect on each labor or device. To-boot I can apprehend how greatly I compel it of the device and how greatly I didn’t perfect. Moreaggravate I allure compel the indispenstalented drawings in element so that entiresubject gets consummateed. It is very momentous that fellow-creatures should flourish the drawings; inadequately fellow-creatures can not get any acceleration to their own drawing. If fellow-creatures flourish the drawings, it is very advantageous to their own estate, to-boot can be discard the weight. 3. Use rest techniques: Techniques such as submerged-breasubject and supposition acceleration to trade behind a while weight in the short-term. It is a cheerful-natured-natured way to admit abroad from worries or anxieties and acceleration them reconvergence on colossus and gpursuit smooth and rest their tidy association. However, if fellow-creatures fall-short to compel a fruiting drawing, approve a register, they allure feed to aim weighted resisting using the rest techniques owing they possessn’t admitn stalks to determine the fruit gets consummateed. 4. Be talented to sanction the batter: This technique is advantageous in that fellow-creatures regularly aim weighted owing they timidity and try to conclusions or omission to govern subjects. Nature talented to sanction the batter subjects in prescribe to gpursuit used to or struggle behind a while that truth. Frequent seasons, when they reap that the batter subjects is not dreadful or that they can sanction it, the aiming of weight hither and they gpursuit aggravate public and try to conclusion these the footings. 5. Don’t plugpage integralthing: plugpageed drawingning is baprice way to add aggravate weight for fellow-creatures. Although one may be talented to “escape” the truth of subjects short-term, notwithstanding, all these labors allure lay-hold-on up to the idiosyncratic and allure however convey Busn 3310 Expertness Application – Ch 2 2 encircling aggravate weight and care. When they are in “escape”, they may aim hither weighted, but we soothe?} aim worried entire season they love of what scarcitys to be consummateed. 6. Adopt a demonstrateed performance government: Participating in a demonstrateed performance government fellow-creatures allure subjugate one’s weight and article the inferioring fellow-creatures allure aim reconceive affecting and visiblely, to discard the weight. Also, performance and eating healthily excited a cheerful-natured-natured fiction to fix the stubbornreliance. B. Diagnostic Tribute Results: The utterly criterions disclose that I don’t conduct weight distinctly courteous-mannered-mannered, scarcity to ameliorate my season government expertnesss and am not a zealous Kind A idiosyncraticality. On the weight government criterion, I scored in the third quartile, which suggests that I scarcity to fruit on eliminating weightors, enunciateing resiliency and incorporating short-term coping manners. On the season government criterion, I scored an 81, which instrument I should observe proper my season government expertnesss. I was very surprised at the products owing I regularly supposition I had cheerful-natured-natured season government expertnesss owing of my firm drawingning and scheduling but may-be, I am not prioritizing. Lastly, on the Kind A idiosyncraticality criterion, there are undenitelling aspects of my idiosyncraticality, such as competitiveness and estate imet that are truly imperious, but other aspects, such as hostility/anger and impatience/urgency, are truly a bit inferior in sum. C. My Strengths and Weaknesses: In provisions of weight government, my strengths are that I am very-abundantly disciplined at flourishing a register in prescribe to end designs. I am a arrange idiosyncratic who has no gist sticking to a stiff register and who is not suspicious of obdurate fruit to aim my designs. Also, I fruit out demonstrateedly (at lowest foul-mouthed days a week) and eat healthily. I apprehend that exuberant repose is very momentous for optimal discharge and affecting possession, so I try to get at lowest sequal hours of repose a day. Furthermore, I love that my affecting comprehension (E.Q.) is truly imperious and terminally, I possess a zealous gregarious aid network. In provisions of my faintnesses, I possess incongruous. My most forcible faintness in weight government is that I afford mystubborn to aggravatefruit equal aim unfilled I soothe?} fruit until get consummateed. I distinctly aim restshort if unlocked-for labors inaugurate and intensity me to forfeit my daily register that I’ve set up for myself; by the way, I am not a pliant, adaptive idiosyncratic. Also, I aim exigency and disself-approval when I possess to visage a footing that I possessn’t previously tradet behind a while owing I bankruptcy stubbornreliance. Lastly, I fall-short to set designs for mystubborn owing I don’t approve to visage dares; I’m suspicious of fall-shorture so I normally reaccrue tail to footings that I aim stubborn-approvaltalented in or labors I apprehend I can consummate courteous-mannered-mannered. D. My concretes: I possess narrowed my concretes for weight government down to three. First, I omission to experience ways to reconceive trade behind a while my privative reexercise to weight when I possess to shape frequent device and I aim so unfilled. Second, I would approve to enunciate desire-term manners to trade behind a while weight. I experience that frequent of my popular manners are short-term and baprice trade behind a while proximate weight. Lastly, I omission to enunciate aggravate stubborn-assurance so that I won’t timidity new footings, whether tradeing behind a while fellow-creatures or new labors, and can instead face obtrusive to the dare in forthcoming. Busn 3310 Expertness Application – Ch 2 3 Stalk two: imbibe from the citation Behind balbutiation the byage on Weight Management, I was twain surprised and kind to experience that some of my fruiting theories and the expertnesss examineed in the byage are the corresponding. I fix foul-mouthed ocean ideas that were common: season government, gregarious aid, physiological loveing, and rest techniques. A. Additional Insights: There are to-boot frequent additional insights I compeled from balbutiation the byage. First, I reap that in prescribe to reconceive trade behind a while weight, I scarcity to fulfill my ocean values and solution questions that allure acceleration me ferret-out and fulfill what my values are and what is unquestionably momentous to me. I don’t love that these introspective questions is forcible to weight government; instead, I supposition that as desire as I could do courteous-mannered-mannered-mannered in nurture, possess a cheerful-natured-natured aid classification and fruit towards a decorateing victory, I would be happy and imbibe to trade behind a while subjects as they inaugurate. Now, I glean that in prescribe for me to bestow my season in meaningful subjects and to prioritize my labors, I scarcity to glean what my nucleus values are so that I won’t aim defiled to say “no” to hither momentous subjects. Second, I scarcity to categorize my labors in aggravatepower series so that I can conduct the weight that amounts owing of nurture or fruit. Nurture is very momentous to my estate owing there are frequent devices that are due at the corresponding season and behind a while fruit, there are regularly unlocked-for labor that I must unravel. If I can imbibe to prioritize my enactments according to their emergency, then I can reconceive register my season. Third, I scarcity to demonstrate fertile season government and performance inequittelling principles outlined in the byage. In detail, I scarcity to: i) compel a register of subjects to thorough daily, which includes what I omission to end, not regular what I scarcity to get consummateed. ii) prioritize my labors and convergence on momentous labors and then trade behind a while serious labors. iii) distribute up extensive devices into detached stalks so that I don’t aim aggravatework. iv) retention some season during the day when I round off my cell phone and am out of aim. v) set-out subjects exact abroad instead of leaving and putting subjects off until tomorrow or the contiguous day. vi) compel assured I shape at lowest one subject entire day so that I allure aim approve I thoroughed colossus that day. vii) transcribe down desire-term concretes so that I can oceantain meaassured which activites I scarcity convergence aggravate which one I scarcity convergence hither. viii) Fourth, I scarcity to set challenging designs for mystubborn and fruit towards them through the “small-wins” technique. I fix that, in the gone-by, I’ve regularly been unwilling to dare mystubborn behind a while designs owing of my timidity of fall-shorture. Also, the designs regularly appear daunting and impractictelling to end; thus, I would meprice renounce mystubborn to staying in my stubborn-approval zone or “niche”. However, the technique of “minute wins” allure acceleration me fruit towards my designs owing they’re domesticated down into “reachable” stalks that I can set myself. It to-boot husbands my aid classification to impart me anticipation and to obey me answerable. B. Revisions of Strengths and Weaknesses: Behind balbutiation the byage, I fix that my strengths are affecting comprehension, estate et and physiological resiliency. Busn 3310 Expertness Application – Ch 2 4 According to Figure 6, my estate is etd behind a while most of the activities, the tenderest nature cultural activities. I possess been in Canada for truly a few years and possess fix that I don’t honor or join-in in cultural activities as regularly as antecedently. In provisions of physiological resiliency, I performance at the gym an middle of foul-mouthed days a week, eat healthily and repose exuberantly. My faintnesses are season government owing I am not fertile behind a while my season. I am distinctly tender in my metavisible resiliency owing I bankruptcy assurance, which produces a timidity of fall-shorture and I don’t grateful dares but elect possession and arrange, which hinders my idiosyncratical development. Stalk three: A. Behavioral Guidelines: My ocean concretes and behavioral guidelines include: i) Employing operative season government performances and imbinature to use season operatively as courteous-mannered-mannered-mannered as fertilely by basing labors on my nucleus values. ii) Re-affirming priorities and short-term drawings which furnish inclination and convergence to activities. Instead of reacting or concentrating on serious labors, I scarcity to prioritize according to my momentous labors. iii) increasing my metavisible resiliency and obdurateiness by utensiling a minute-wins prudence. iv) imbinature at lowest one submerged-rest technique and practicing it demonstrateedly. B. Expertness dissection or performance activities: There are foul-mouthed ocean performance activities: i) rest techniques, such as submerged breasubject or supposition to soothe proximate and short-term weight. ii) “minute wins” technique to fruit towards dares or designs but behind a while minute stalks. iii) prioritize my labors for the day according to weight to me rather than emergency. iv) evaluate my nucleus principles to reconceive glean what is momentous and meaningful to me. C. Expertness application: i) Rest techniques: I allure use submerged breasubject to mitigate muscle rest techniques whenever I aim aggravatefruit for unlocked-for labors and scarcity to qualify my register. Instead of reacting behind a while weight or fright, I allure admit a few minutes to put subjects out of my purpose, mutter submergedly, convergence on the living, and then harangue the labor and utensil a drawing of exercise. I allure to-boot husband this technique when I possess arguments behind a while chums. Rather than reacting to the footing and may-be doing or dictum colossus I allure behind concern, I allure acquit mystubborn from the footing, admit a few moments to performance the submerged breasubject technique and unobstructed my leadership. This allure soothe my weight and acceleration me wield the footing behind a while aggravate clarity and smoothness. ii) Rehearsal: I allure use this technique to trade behind a while subjects that I timidity, such as interviews. I allure fruit mystubborn through the hypothetically weightful footing and love of all the choice scenarios and reactions. By practicing in privy and anticipating the other idiosyncratic’s reactions or questions, I allure aim aggravate expert and assured encircling nature in govern of the footing. This, in round, Busn 3310 Expertness Application – Ch 2 5 allure compel me aim hither weighted owing I am expert for the antecedent conclusion. iii) Small-wins prudence: I allure use this prudence to mitigate my use of honor cards and making stubborn-evolved lapses. First, I allure demonstrate my design, which is to use specie instead of charging lapses on my honor card. Second, I allure admit inequittelling exercises to cut up my honor cards, convey baprice a claim card or specie, and possess a prudence where I cannot buy the effect the corresponding day I omission it. I allure decide my chums of my drawing and compel assured that I regularly possess someone to fund behind a while, who allure obey me accounttalented and debar me from stubborn-evolved fundping. I must go residence and love, for a few days, encircling whether or not I unquestionably scarcity the effect. If behind a few days, I am soothe?} loveing encircling it and possess the specie to buy it, then I am afforded to lapse it. I allure decorate mystubborn on a three month basis; if I am happy behind a while this drawing for three months, I can possess an extra $100 to bestow at the end of the three-month bound. Stalk foul-mouthed: conveying out my drawing Aggravate the terminal month or aggravate, I was talented to utensil activities that I had selected in Steps 1 through 3 in hopes of proper my weight government expertnesss. I populated the flourishing manners: submerged breasubject rest, reframing, repetition, scheduling and minute wins prudence. These techniques were selected by my footings, grounded on balbutiation through the byage, completing tribute criterions, and gleaning my own tone. I was surprised by my products and in round, imbibeed a few aggravate insights into my idiosyncraticality. i) Submerged breasubject rest technique a) This technique did not fruit for me in two very weightful requests. One such request was at my Thanksgiving origin dinner. Shortly behind I perfect dinner, my stomach began to aim very ill and I set-outed to possess scarified and sea-sickness( not assured it is exact). I familiar to disown my aimings of indisposition and feed fiting behind a while my kinsmen but the aggravate scarified of my sea-sickness. As my indisposition aimings acceptiond, my care began to rise; I began molesting encircling why I was aiming so indisposed approximately possess a molest to be misconcert for fellow-creatures where are in face of me. In prescribe to smooth mystubborn down, I familiar submerged breasubject and convergenceing on each met and effluvium. At the corresponding season, I familiar to direct my purpose abroad from my anxieties by loveing of subjects that I possess approve fundping. None of this accelerationed at all and my care baprice feedd to acception behind a while the “what-ifs” racing through my purpose. I had to separate mystubborn in the bathroom, abroad from entireone and the virtual of misconcerting mystubborn in face of them. It was then that I began to aim reconceive mentally. I then familiar “reframing” where I told myself, “it’s OK, I’ve felt approve this antecedently and it allure by”; “no one allure love hither of me; in circumstance, they allure baprice be concerned” and “it’s upexact colossus I ate that didn’t fit behind a while my stomach”. I fix that these reassuring phrases and tone accelerationed me to compel govern aggravate my suppositions owing my suppositions were escalating my care and may-be, equal making me aim aggravate visiblely ill. However, although reframing brought me some mitigation, it wasn’t until I got residence that I unquestionably felt the weight discardd. b) Another weightful footing was my halt in the urologist’s provision. I possess been affliction from bladder transferred late I was a teenager and my origin teacher suggested that I see a speciaregister – an urologist –to examine potential treatments. One such treatment is a process where one’s urethra is neat and according to my origin teacher, it is very Busn 3310 Expertness Application – Ch 2 6 scarified. Equal the day antecedently my provision, I began to aim restshort owing I wasn’t assured what the speciaregister was going to do. I began loveing, “what if he omissions to do the process on me that very day of my provision?” As I sat in the halting margin, I was very expressive and weighted. It didn’t acceleration that all the other patients were patriarchal and one equal had a urine packet strapped to his leg and faceed very dissatisfied. My purpose began to pursuit encircling what was going to fall during the provision and I felt my stomach clench and aimings of sea-sickness set-out. Once anew, I familiar the submerged breasubject and convergenceing one each inhalation. I equal reserved my eyes and familiar to rest my muscles and unclench. However, I didn’t aim any mitigation from my care or visible ailments at all. I couldn’t plug the slew of privative suppositions invading my purpose. I then familiar the repetition technique and began “rehearsing” how the provision would go. I supposition that the teacher would probably set-out by scrutiny encircling my truth and the batter subject scenario would be that he suggests the urethra stretching. In this request, I would discard and ask for other choices. If none, I would upexact feed behind a while the bladder transferred. I made a judgment that, no subject what, I wasn’t go to go through behind a while the urethra stretching owing there were upexact too frequent privatives, too the stubborn-denial. It was at this apex that I began to aim aggravate “in govern” owing I supposition, “the teacher cannot intensity me to submit to anysubject that I don’t fit behind a while”. Once my privative suppositions were belowneathneath govern, my visible ailments, such as sea-sickness, began to digest. ii) Setting a register I fix that this technique unquestionably inferiors my weight levels. As I mentioned precedent, I possess a drift to aim aggravatefruit when there are frequent labors due at the corresponding season, or unlocked-for labors achieve up. The baprice way for me to wield this weight is to set a actualistic daily register for mystubborn and to-boot a short-term register in prescribe to see how all the ongoing labors fit into it. On days that I had frequent labors to fruit through, I regularly conceiveulated a register but made assured that the register was actualistic and afforded for fractures and resting. In the gone-by, I made registers that high afforded for fractures or doing anysubject possesstalented and the product was that I normally didn’t flourish them or get equal half the labors consummateed. However, behind a while a actualistic register, I fix that I flourished the register and thoroughd all my labors and rarely, equal aggravate than I calculated. Also, I noticed that I didn’t aim weighted, tired; I knew I was in-govern of the footing as I was unwillingly nonobservance down in to my register. Alternatively, when I didn’t compel a register for the day, I was very shiftless and would reaccrue to my normal conduct of watching television for hours, equal if I wasn’t assiduous in the shows. I would upexact let season by and disregard environing the offspring aimlessly, fiddling behind a while this and that and aiming a open wisdom of registerlessness. Another advantageous technique is for me to conceiveulate a short-term register (for the contiguous foreigner of months) in prescribe to compel assured that I possess abundance season to thorough all my devices and enactments, to the best of my force. I to-boot prioritized my upherebehind enactments and devices according to their due date and estimated fruit enjoin. Behind incorporating this technique, I fix that this short-term scheduling was very happy in accelerationing me to compel govern aggravate my fruit enjoin and distinctly, my weight levels behind a while all the enactments and devices due, regularly at the corresponding season. Behind a while the register, I was talented to gait mystubborn and as a product, not aim aggravateworked. iii) Minute wins prudence Busn 3310 Expertness Application – Ch 2 7 I determined to manner this prudence behind a while colossus else other than my bestowing conduct, as I had previously drawingned to do. Recently, my best chum mentioned that she was very worried encircling my use of Drixoral, the nasal decongestant owing I had been used it for the gone-by five years and behind a while increasing dependency. My aimings to-boot mirrored hers owing I noticed that I scarcityed to ramification up encircling entire foul-mouthed hours in prescribe to unobstructed my nasal when the ramification bottle says that the goods are deemed to terminal up to twelve hours. However, if I didn’t use it so regularly, my nose would be uncomforttalented and I would endure dreadful to-boot leadershipaches. All this was due to recoil redundancy from using the nasal decongestant for an distant bound of season. I was to-boot worried owing there are most approvely privative desire-term goods which I reputed I was affliction conceive my firm ear exigency. I determined to manner the “small-wins prudence” in prescribe to fracture this manner; I knew that it would be too weightful and opposed for me to plug using it .My chief stalk was to conceiveulate a aimtalented design; I determined it would be to organize my exercise by noting the sum of hours among each ramification and to avail the sum of hours each foreigner of days. For request, the chief day, I could baprice terminal six hours behind a whileout another dose and I would compel assured it was at lowest another six hours antecedently the contiguous one. I regularly familiar to acception my season among intervals; some days I was happy, other days not. By the end of the week, I was talented to go a acme of fifteen hours antecedently I scarcityed to ramification up anew. That, to me, was a forcible amelioratement from entire foul-mouthed hours of exercise. I to-boot told my best chum my drawing and asked her to obey me accounttalented by questioning me each day encircling the sum of hours among ramifications. I fix that she to-boot encouraged me by dictum “you can hinder out for another foreigner of hours” whenever I complained that I couldn’t mutter. She would use tone of aid: “you are approximately there; you can do it”; “try breasubject through your mouth” and “I’m so imperious of you”. Her inspiriting tone and aid unquestionably accelerationed to qualify me in aggravateherebehind this desireseason addiction. However, when I aimed seventeen hours among ramifications, I unquestionably had to price on my allurepower to plug my exercise for three regular days. I had heard that it admits three days to fracture a manner so I made that my contiguous design. The chief day, at encircling nineteen hours, I couldn’t mutter, was affliction a dreadful sinus leadershipache, couldn’t convene on my fruit, and I felt approve giving up. My chum said: “you can’t impart up now owing you are approximately halfway to the three day mark”. Behind a while unmixed allurepower, I feedd to imimpress on and behind three days, my nasal byages were no desireer stuffed up and now, I am imperious to say that I possessn’t used Drixoral for at lowest two weeks! This is a actual victory recital for me owing I hadn’t been talented to fracture my “addiction” for five years. The minute wins prudence unquestionably proved happy for me owing it broke down the insurmounttalented labor into “reachable” designs behind a while each stalk commencement me closer to my conclusive design. Step5: apprehend where I am Through this enactment and in doing the performance activities, I possess imbibeed frequent new weight government techniques and the most operative ones for me. I love that undenitelling techniques fruit reconceive in inequittelling footings and I summarized my experienceings grounded on my experiences. Thus, my chief stalk in weight government is to fulfill the kind of weight I am experiencing and secondly, mannering the flourishing manners pleasantly. Busn 3310 Expertness Application – Ch 2 8 i) Reframing and repetition techniques I love these techniques are very adapted for proximate weightors, such as my hasty indisposition during my Thanksgiving dinner and my care during my teacher’s provision. These techniques are advantageous owing I experience that my care acceptiond in these weightful footings due to my privative suppositions and worries. Also, when I’m aiming restless, my association reacts behind a while aimings of sea-sickness, benevolence scarified, and other signs of weight. If I can obey my privative suppositions belowneathneath govern, or direct them on a aggravate settled course, then unwillingly, my weight allure be soothed and the visible responses allure digest. If I suit meprice by opposed to smooth mystubborn down visiblely, it normally doesn’t fruit owing I can’t rest unhither my privative suppositions are belowneathneath govern. ii) Formulating a register This technique is very advantageous when it achieves to labors that are due or indexling incongruous incongruous deadlines. Owing I am the kind of idiosyncratic who is aggravateworked behind a while new and unlocked-for devices, this technique accelerations me to aim aggravate belowneathneath govern in my footing and to possess a operative way to trade behind a while on going weight into the forthcoming. Exact now, this is very advantageous behind a while nurture enactments and devices, but in the forthcoming, when I possess a job, I allure use this manner to trade behind a while upherebehind deadlines, equal if frequent of them are due at the corresponding season. I allure be assured to compel my daily register actualistic to determine that I possess abundance season to rest, recreate my purpose, and join-in in activities that I possess. It is momentous to possess et in estate and flourishing a daily register allure afford me to possess et behind a while fruit, resemble, chums and other priorities in my estate. The register allure to-boot afford me to see how greatly I possess endd during the week and acceleration me fix up my stubbornreliance, which allure acception my obdurateiness and resilience. I allure allot these corresponding principles behind a while twain a short-term register as courteous-mannered-mannered-mannered as a desire-term register. The league of these techniques allure afford me to be aggravate able, yet at the corresponding season, conduct my weight levels so that I can soothe?} achieve and convergence on my labors and designs at index. iii) Minute wins prudence This technique is very adapted for nonobservance desire-term conduct or aiming a design, as I did in nonobservance my Drixoral dependency. Owing it is grounded on petty concrete that I made and commencement into incongruous stalks, the labors don’t appear so aggravatework. But to-boot, as I aggravateachieve each stalk, I aim qualifyed and my assurance and motivation grows to aggravateachieve the contiguous stalk and feeds Furthermore, by involving my aid classification and nature accounttalented to others, it graces aggravate opposed to meprice impart up when subjects get resistent. This technique is to-boot advantageous owing it fixs on one’s stubborn assurance behind a while each minute “victory”, foreignerd behind a while anticipation from one’s aid classification that prefer fixs up one’s assurance. Owing I regularly aim aggravatewhelmed and unindulgent encircling a daunting labor, and bankruptcy stubborn-assurance and credulity in my abilities, this prudence accelerations me to achieve behind a while my designs as courteous-mannered-mannered-mannered as fix up my assurance.

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