Business Studies

there are couple incongruous sections (Part 1 and Part 2)
READ: the Browse with Internet Explorer (IE) portion in your textbook.
VIEW: 1) the audio PowerPoint dissertation bestowal perfect about to IE. 2) representation the 10 pretext videos about to IE via the Pretext Videos with. These gain highlight IE featuers including superintendence of pop-up ads.
COMPLETE: 1) Open either a WordPad instrument or Word instrument and economize it as: terminalname_hwk2 (replacing your terminal call). my cintegral is *Rami Yunis*
2) In the instrument, idea your responses (solely alphabetic responses–do not attributable attributable attributable idea the interrogation) control the Matching interrogations located on page 88 about to Internet Explorer.
3) Create a Favorite calld “Blackboard” that navigates to the Tri-C Blackboard website.
4) Utilize the Windows Snipping Tool to paste a cloak restrain of it to your instrument containing the matching sections answers..
5) Submit your instrument using Blackboard Messaging.
READ: integral pages of Portion 4: Common Features of Microsoft Office that begins on page 92 in your textbook.
VIEW: 1) integral Pretext Videos in the Common Features folder. 2) integral the narrated bestowals from the Audio PowerPoints area in the Common Features folder.
COMPLETE: Rerepresentation subject terminology (Key Terms) that is seasoned on page 116 in your textbook.
Textbook: INFO TECH IT 1010 W/

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