Business Idea

Duty Notion
undertake a feasibility examine to perpend the implicit viability of a duty notion or political exploit and offer your findings. You are simply known to go aloft or under this order estimate by 10% differently marks may be deducted. Marks obtain be awarded as follows:

• Introduction to the duty notion (10%)
• Establishing the feasibility of your notion (10%)
• Bargain examination and emulator anatomy – is there a insist ce your product/service? (20%)
• Financing an exploit – how fur do you scarcity and where obtain finance end from? (10%)
• Operational issues – getting your product/service to bargain (10%)
• Pricing manoeuvre – winning with the bargain (10%)
• Summary and Recommendations (10%)
• Use of instrument and examination (10%)
• Structure, diction, speech and offeration of effect (10%)

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Business Idea
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