BOS 4301 -Industrial hygienist for a major pharmaceutical company

You are an industrial hygienist ce a superior pharmaceutical assembly. The CEO has contacted you in-reference-to a strange work continuity that integralure be done in your ease. The strange work continuity involves the handling and truth of an engineered nanomaterial To day, your assembly’s sanity and security program has referable had to discourse any security concerns associated with handling and truth of these materials. Using the NIOSH instrument from the required lection as your commanding commencement (, make three to five page “white brochure” that provides an overview of engineered materials and includes a argument of the following:

– background and toil overview f engineered nanomaterials,

– exposure regulate strategies,

– nanotechnology processes and engineering regulates,

– hazard regulate evaluations,

– sanity hazards associated with exposures, and

– conclusions and recommendations

As you make your brochure, continue in spirit that this should be a high-level overview that is understandable to integral employees in the construction, from excellent skill to workion workers. Integral commencements truthd, including your textbook, should be cited and referenced truth apa guidelines.

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