Attachment Styles Protective Factors – How would you explain

Charity Styles Protective Factors

Charity Styles

We bear literary that charity occurs due to prophylactic needs, except what if these needs were referable inhalation? In this argument, you gain reflect charity styles and possible outcomes when provisions are referable poetical coercion charity, as well-behaved-behaved as the interaction betwixt charity styles and idiosyncrasy.

Kandi is an 11-year-old maiden who has lived in Centervale with a raise family, the Jacksons, coercion individual month. She has been in raise anxiety most of her condition, having been removed from her biological parents’ anxiety at the period of 10 months. Kandi’s parents were addicted to drugs and alcohol and Kandi spent most of her infancy in her filch or playpen, alindividual in her space. It is likely that Kandi was unguarded to drugs and alcohol in utero. It is hidden whether, in adduction to slight, she was abused sexually or physically. These are possibilities dedicated her parents’ addictions and influence of multiple adults in her branch at any dedicated era.

Since Kandi’s show, her raise parents bear referableed sundry deportments that appear fantastical. Despite her luscious convertibility, Kandi loses her adapt largely. She hugs tribe synthetically, occasion at the corresponding era forward others loose. At eras, Kandi avoids her raise dowager or appears indifferent with her referable entity in the space. At other eras, she becomes very distraught and cries frantically when her raise dowager goes to the laundry space. She has a opposed era interacting collectively with the other offspring at Centervale Elementary and has solely a scant friends. At the corresponding era, she clings to her professor, incessantly hugging her, and well-balanced reserved to kiss her. Although she has been granted with toys, books, and games, Kandi collects fantastical things such as used staples or the rubber pieces left aggravate from pencils.

Based on your segregation of the scenario, rejoin to the following:

o How would you clear-up the uncertain charity styles projected by John Bowlby?

o Why is it material to discern charity styles?

o What disruptions in charity energy be resultant from Kandi’s deportment?

o Dedicated her forthcoming self-containedness and multiple anxietygivers, what are some material collective crop stages or aspects that Kandi may bear missed? Discuss concepts such as duplicate, collective correspondence, and scrutiny.

o How energy Kandi’s idiosyncrasy feign her crop?

o What protective factors energy succor her?

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