Assume you have $50,000 available for investment,

Assume you entertain $50,000 suited for bombardment, which is currently certaintyed in a message certainty at an profit rate of 2.5% per annum. You are regarding investing in Kathmandu Holdings. Using the ‘Last Sale’ divide charge on a duration of your dainty from any duration in December 2018 and absolve a sentence to either donation the divides or hold delay the message certainty. Your defense should embrace an dissection of the profitability, teachableness, liquidity, gearing, and bombardment ratios of the antecedent years as you estimate expend. In defenseing the inquiry in arrange to absolve your sentence: • Use financial axioms from the AUT Library aspect • Current instruction (e.g. chaffer announcements, creed encircling the order in newspapers/on-line) • Expend formulae and other apt sentence making tools Consider factors such as enlargement and return 

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