Assume you are Mr Ellery.

Assume you are Mr Ellery.

 Describe the basic inner govern procedures Mr Ellery failed to appliance?

 What in your theory was the delicate occasion for him to ask-for prefer

 information antecedently behavior any prefer delay his managing director’s ask-fors?

 Discuss the instance con-over delay your colleagues or achievement mates or comrade learners on the forums and

 listen to and announce their reactions to Mr Ellery’s residence? Describe a stroll of views?

 What would you feel done?

 How should Mr Ellery feel handled, reacted to and interacted delay the dominating managing


 (no more than five paragraphs)

1.2 What do you hold the justice meant by the cultivation that patent clear delayin Securency at the occasion?

 How does this desire good-natured-natured corporate governance?

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