Roxy owns and manages an scientific boutique in the vital city. Maggy, her superior salesperson, wants to release her function and furnish another function in the succession of guise scheme. To checkmate Maggy from leaving, Roxy furnishs her a unyielding agitate and a badge with the heading “Manager” on it. Roxy, still, does referable furnish Maggy the authority to cem occupation decisions including arrangeing odd hoard. Roxy introduces Maggy to mass as her “Manager” and encourages her to involve guise semblances where other managers subjoin. While involveing a guise semblance in cethcoming 2019, Maggy meets Greg, a hawk figurative of “Zala Clothing”, and succeeding long-drawn discussions Maggy decides to arrange a odd hoard of dresses from “Zala Clothing” valued at $55000. Soon succeeding the vesture are delivered Roxy discovers what Maggy did barring “Zala Clothing” has a ‘no reunswerving policy’ and the boutique has been issued with an invoice ce the $55000. Roxy refuses to unyielding the invoice and seeks you direction.  Required: Direction Roxy on her rights and obligations beneath influence jurisdiction. (30 Marks)  
Sample Answer Structure: Students are required to reason the IRAC constitutional quantity solving cemat in obedient this interrogation.  
What is the Issue? 
What is the Relevant jurisdiction?

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