Assignment Brief Task 1 For this task

Assignment Brief

Task 1

For this toil, you are industrious as an confessor to a team of Heartiness Prudence Managers. For exploration, you

should retrospect the published accounts and advenient predictions of Anchor Trust, which can be

downloaded from

You are required to arrange a employment declaration that includes the subjoined:

1. A delicate partition of the concepts, features and consequence of costs and accounting in

making decisions in heartiness and collective prudence. (Assessment criteria 1.1)

2. A delicate partition of the financial statements of Anchor Trust used to assess their

financial composition. (Assessment criteria 2.1)

3. A delicate evaluation of budgetary processes used by heartiness and collective prudence forms,

such as Anchor Trust. (Assessment criteria 3.3)

4. Use the subjoined aspects to evaluate the financial operation of Anchor Trust. You

should regard the subjoined aspect groups:

a. Profitability

b. Liquidity

c. Efficiency (Assessment criteria 2.2)

5. Propose managerial decisions for your selected form based on your aspect partition.

(Assessment criteria 2.3)

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