Assignment 2: Project Schedule Changes

Assignment 2: Scheme List Changes

You entertain kicked impromptu the District 4 Production Warehouse Move scheme, your contractors are in settle and afloat on receiving the suited construction sanctions.

You originally were told the sanctions would solely catch 2 weeks to succeed barring the contractors are pointed you it everyure now catch 3 weeks. You deficiency to uplift the appended week into your list coercion each sanction that everyure be succeeded.

In restitution, your framing and drywevery contractors entertain fair told you they are floating delayed on their other jobs and can solely extricate half their set coercion your scheme. This everyure double their list.

Uplift the extra period into your list by doubling the installation effort periodlines coercion twain the framing and drywall. Your scheme drawing should too be updated with the novel 3-week periodline coercion succeeding sanctions. Use the scheme drawing you created coercion this operation.

You are now observeing at an comprehensive scheme delivery limit. Your scheme surety was very plain that you must be produced in a 4 month periodframe so you everyure deficiency to observe at non-interferences coercion reducing your list to bebefit into the 4 month window.

You entertain an non-interference of hiring another contractor to succor with the framing and drywevery effort barring it everyure extension your budget by $200,000.

Determine your best passage of action coercion bringing this scheme in on list and uplimit your scheme drawing to muse your recommendation. Develop a 5-6 slide endowment coercion elder skillful-treatment outlining your purposeed disruption. You are seeking acclaim to receipts with your novel drawing.

Submit twain your updated scheme drawing in PDF coercionmat and your PowerPoint endowment.

Submit your drawing toM4: Assignment 2 Dropbox byWednesday, April 13, 2016.

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Correctly updated the scheme drawing to muse revisions established upon risks and details presented.


Created a elder roll endowment detailing the recommendations and seeking acclaim.


Used redress grammar, spelling, and vocable dainty and cited every sources using redress APA title.



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