1.    Demonstrate cognizance of ordinary juridical principles misspend to a censorious disindividuality of the quantity scenario. 
2.    Demonstrate creative quantity solving by applying misspend juridical principles through a collocation of regulation and axioms. 
3.    Demonstrate administrative elaboration and despatch skills by interpreting and transmitting cognizance of juridical principles and skills in quantity solving.


William Abong emigrated from Mombasa, Kenya to Australia in 2009.  William and his source fixed at Maroochydore on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.  William enrolled at the University of the Sunshine Coast as a bisect opportunity profession ward majoring in marketing.  To finance his studies, he resumed his preceding tenure as a tailor. William cemed a inferior source crew determined William Abong Pty Ltd and leased a strandside accumulation where he and his extensive source molding lasting composition carry including shirts, shorts and trousers.  The supply sells undeviatingly to the common.  Profession is sluggish.

Drawing upon his educational test, William qualified his habit to brightly and outlandishly coloured surf and strand stock. William besides ruled to furnish his dress thread a protuberant disgrace indicate and initiate a topical advertising war, featuring ample page advertisements in the topical upstartspaper and topical radio advertisements.  William fixed upon his singular indicate ce the dress’s disgrace indicate and embroiders “Bill Abong” on each ace ce sale.  Profession quickly improved to the distance that he is insufficiently cogent to repress up with require.  The supply has thousands of dress subscription whole protuberant with his upstart disgrace indicate.

Billabong Australia Ltd, a bulky surf carry and boutique dress moldingr and retailer becomes disgruntled at William’s actions and seeks your information.  Billabong Australia Ltd feel current no straightforward complaints from members of the common.  Billabong Australia Ltd besides contacted William with a entreat that he plug selling habit remarkable with the disgrace indicate.  He responded that he had never heard of billabong and that he adapted to hold selling subordinate his admit indicate.  He stressed that he had frequently acted honestly in whole his dealings.  The government manager has no cause in pursuing this fact.  

Advise Billabong Australia Ltd of any options unconcealed to them, with intimation to individuality 18 and misspend remedies subordinate the Australian Consumer Regulation singly.  Disregard any other areas of regulation.

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