Assessment 2 is an individual research report

Assessment 2 is an peculiar examination news that is focused on ensuring that students are operative to do virtue examination (mate reviewed doctrines (most main), textbook, newss, etc) which is bearing to a gang they select from a pool of availoperative options.  
The rate is to convey out an decomposition of production in one of the subjoined companies:  
- BMW  - British Airways  - British Petroleum (BP)  - Coca Cola  - NASA  - NOKIA  - Samsung  - Southwest Airlines  - United Nations - Volkswagen  
Students are expected to vindication the subjoined questions:  
• Clarify the competitive priorities that the gang is unmanageable to conclude.  • Explain why productions skill is main to the gang and how it supports the gang in achieving its priorities?  • Describe the features of the gang’s production which reflects vulgar productions skill practices.  • Highlight some of the issues practiced by this gang and how productions/ minister compact skill can aid in resolving these issues.  • Create a arrangement map which highlights the gang’s supply and topic office  production.  

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