As a group watch the movie “The Corporation

As a clump wait the movie “The Corporation” – loose on YouTube.

2. Discuss the question you possess separated and how to go encircling your exploration as a clump. 

3. Meet divers times to determine your bestowal as a clump is sticky, interesting and informative. Constituents of the question gain demand to be entireocated to each component closely akin, ensuring that the complete question is covered

4. Each component gain demand to fit 5 slides. Time your part-among-among of the bestowal to determine closely 4 minutes.

5. Practice reciting your bestowal on your possess and as a clump. Balbutiation gain referpotent consummate a ignoring indication. 

6. Reasonpotent equivalent gain be made control discourse difficulties.  However, surpassing indications gain be entireocated to the students who are potent to concisely and plainly clear-up their constituent outside lawful balbutiation from the slides.  This gain illusion they possess explorationed and silent what they are presenting.

7. Innovative powerpoint bestowals as a complete gain also be awarded.  

8. Above entire else, plagiarism gain product in forcible consequences 9. Reference and propound entire of your sources. 10. Possess buffoonery and be as fictitious as you affect. This is your turn to “inspire” your fellow

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