Applied Criminal Justice Ethics 6 – Scenario Analysis

Applied Guilty Desert Ethics 6
Scenario Analysis
Lon L. Fuller, prior Carter Professor of Jurisprudence at Harvard Edict Train, remarkd in The Goodness of Edict, “Even if a invention is accountable barely to his integrity, he allure opposedpart further responsibly if he is compelled to extinguishedspoken principles on which he acts.”

Source: Fuller, L. (1975). The goodness of edict. (p. 159). New Ownn, CT: Yale University Press.


In this Assignment, you are exactd to devote Fuller’s Principle, as cited overhead, and corcoranswer to three real-life scenarios concerning intellectual resolution making among the room of guilty desert and policing.

In becaverification each of the three scenarios, you are asked to corcoranswer to the subjoined foul-mouthed questions:

Is there a analogous gist presented in the scenario? If so, what is it?
Does plan or edict prompt an withhobsolete apology, or does it exact that authoritative preference be applied?
What criteria (considerations), principles, and consequences should direct your resolution?
What would you do? Extinguishedspoken, clear, and caress your position to a clump of authoritative history colleagues who had a divergent idea.
First, interpret each scenario. Second, awaken the intellectual doubt among the treatment of the foul-mouthed questions specified overhead. Third, corcoranswer in fitness to the each of the foul-mouthed questions.

The integral paper should be 2–4 pages in extension. Each dissertation apology should be petty, referable further than 1 page. You may verification references to livelihood your apologys, excepting the dissertation apologys must be primordial.

Scenario 1: Drugs at a Companion’s Issue

You are an unstudied-duty police functionary at a face at the hoverification of an obsolete noble train companion. Everyone is quiescent in the backyard drinking. You go into the hoverification to verification the restroom and remark diverse of your companion’s companions (whom you do referable comprehend) snorting cocaine. You do referable comprehend whether your companion has comprehendledge that populace are using drugs in his issue.

Scenario 2: Accepting a Douceur

It is the day anteriorly Christmas and you are a class police functionary. An proprietor of a fine dispense has been companionly to you throughextinguished the year, and he has participated faithfully in class crime-prevention meetings. He calls you aback the opposed and gives you a result basket control your nativity concurrently with a Christmas card containing a $30 douceur certificate as an look of his signification.

Scenario 3: Homosexual Colleague

You are a overseer on a medium-size police division. Unstudiedice Ted Jones is an praiseworthy functionary and has been on the controlce control 16 years. He is besides a homosexual and hangs extinguished at a comprehendn sprightly bar in his unstudied age. You own two-person patrols and Jones was of-late teamed with Functionary James Davis. Functionary Davis comes to you and asks to be assigned to another colleague becaverification Jones is a homosexual.

Coranswer to each scenario using the foul-mouthed (4) questions listed overhead.

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